War and Peace Readalong, Part 6: People Are Dying Now and I Don’t Care

I can’t exactly put my finger on when it happened, but I am completely checked out of War and Peace. With just two short sections remaining (and the epilogues) I am ready and excited to let this one go. Just two more weeks of slogging and this behemoth will be out of my life forever.

I’m selling my book on eBay.

I’m not watching the mini-series.

I’m not telling anyone to read it.

I’m developing a serious bias against 19th century classics.

I’m just…fucking…done.

Some really significant things happened in Volume 4, Parts 1+2, and yet I can’t bring myself to really care. Andrew (Andrei) dies. Helene dies. Pierre is in prison. And I’m just like, “meh.” Kill them all if it means I can stop reading.

I am just so tired. It’s not that the book is bad. Far from it. I’m just sick of reading it. My edition is over 1700 pages. And for me to read 1700 pages of anything I want to not just like it, I need to love it. I absolutely do not love War and Peace.

I’m just ready to move on, is all. It’s taken up a significant amount of my time this summer. I don’t feel better off for having read it. I don’t think it’s a masterpiece (sorry, I don’t). I’m just looking forward to reading other stuff at this point.

I’m not even going to bother recapping this section, or giving any analysis. I don’t have anything of worth to say at this point. It’s all a little trite, and a lot bitter. I would be writing for the sake of writing, a feeling that I avoid at all costs.

If you’ve been reading War and Peace all summer, I hope you are enjoying it more than I am. You’ve done yeoman’s work tackling this beast for the last two months. I hope you’ve found it worthwhile.

Me, I’ll be silent on War and Peace until my final thoughts on the book two weeks from now, on Sept 18. I promise it will be more constructive, positive, and thoughtful. I really did enjoy large parts of the book, and will be happy to look back on them. Just not as happy as I’ll be to hit “publish” on my last post.

2-month readalongs are blog killers, man. Thankfully this one has survived.

2 thoughts on “War and Peace Readalong, Part 6: People Are Dying Now and I Don’t Care

  1. Oh no!!
    I understand where you’re coming from, though I don’t have the same intensity of feeling… I’m struggling to keep writing about it, but I still really like reading it. Even though I’m reading other things, and some of the other things I’m reading are more interesting, I like coming back to W&P before bed and reading a couple chapters. It’s a routine now. I power-read 150 pages over the weekend and didn’t enjoy that as much. Small doses.

    You really should watch the mini series though! Maybe… later.


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