Novellas in November (Event Intro)

I’m here today to announce a blogger/vlogger event for November called Novellas in November, a humble celebration of the underappreciated short novel.

The challenge is pretty much what it sounds like: an entire month dedicated to reading novellas. In the kickoff video below, I talk a bit about the event itself and then I go over about a dozen books that I’m planning to read during the month.

If you’ve got a few novellas on your shelves that you’d like to tackle, please join us! Plus, it’s a great way to work towards your Goodreads goal.

18 thoughts on “Novellas in November (Event Intro)

  1. I’m vaguely planning to squeeze in a novella – or maybe two – but am also juggling Nonfiction November (as a participant) and Margaret Atwood Reading Month (as a co-host) along with an ongoing project to read Mavis Gallant, which has another collection beginning November 1st. But, in theory, I’m all in. *grins*


  2. I will also say I’m totally jealous of your beautiful wall of books. I would probably have a wall of books if I didn’t give away every single book I read, but I’m turning into a minimalist and I don’t like keeping them…


  3. I have several novellas on my shelves, so I will definitely squeeze two or three into my reading schedule before the month is out. Fun fact: ‘The Sense of an Ending’ was my very first review! I really liked it a lot. Another book by Doris Lessing you might like is ‘The Fifth Child’ which fits the novella length. It is very good, but also very twisted. I will admit to being a fan of Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’ but I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.


    1. Thanks for the recommendations, Joel. I will definitely get to the Lessing at some point. Maybe not this year, as my schedule is pretty well full up, but I’ve enjoyed reading her to this point so I am definitely not done with her. As for Heart of Darkness … I’m excited to record a video about it later this month. I read it for the third time now (I think) and it’s gotta be my last. I just don’t connect with this book the way other people seem to. But different strokes for different folks, I guess!

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