Acknowledgments: January 2018

Every month I wrangle up some of the more interesting things around the blogosphere and present them to you in a neat and tidy package. Like sports highlights, or the mall.

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I’ve planned out most of my reading for 2018. This is a small sample, and you can find the rest on my #50BookPledge page (below).

December and January are largely comprised of 2017 wrap-ups and 2018 previews. I’m going to do my best to highlight some other great articles here (although there are a few great 2018 previews that I would like to share, but I’ll save that for the end).

I find that I’m gravitating towards the positive to start the new year. The narrative of “last year sucked, this year probably won’t be any better” is not only trite, but it’s negative. I don’t really have time for it anymore. Yeah, Trump is a monster. Hollywood is a an absolute mess. Lots of people hated The Last Jedi.

Who. Cares.

Choose to see the good things in 2018. I’m not saying ignore the bad, but do yourself a favour and justĀ try to at least acknowledge the good.

Need some help? Let’s kick off this month’s Acknowledgments with a list of the 99 Best Things that happened in 2017.

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